The benefits of using Java as a highperformance language



White paper about the advantages using Java for mission-critical financial applications.

Trading systems today require fast execution to meet ever stricter latency requirements. For this reason Cinnober uses Java as implementation platform. Java executes as fast as or faster than any other language. 

Java provides the means for rapid development of robust, large and complex applications that are easy to extend, ensuring short time-to-market of initial system deliveries and throughout the lifetime of the system. This ensures investment protection, low maintenance and low total cost of ownership.

Written specifically with the financial technology industry in mind, the paper covers the key areas in which Java provides advantages over other languages, and gives an overview of Cinnober’s particular strategies for optimizing the high performance levels that Java is capable of achieving.  

Starting from the sensible premise that comparative benchmarks often are biased, the paper elaborates on vital areas of interest to financial players, such as Java’s constant re-optimizing for faster execution, the rapid development capability that enable short time-to-market cycles, and how it guards against programming mistakes.

While not a Java tutorial, the paper offers a concise overview of the Java platform, including the most salient points concerning Java’s interpretation and compilation characteristics as utilized by Java’s dynamic model and memory management facilities and strategies. These include overcoming dangling pointers and memory fragmentation problems prevalent in other systems.

Cinnober is continuously following and furthering state of art of computer programming and Java allows us to use both proven and emerging technologies while meeting rigorous customer demands.

Java enables us to develop exceptionally fast software exceptionally fast.



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