TRADExpress Trading System

High-performance, multi-asset class trading system for demanding financial marketplaces

Empowering competitive, agile markets

TRADExpress™ Trading System is a high-performance, robust and flexible trading platform that powers some of the world’s most demanding financial marketplaces.

The powerful and functionality-rich system covers all asset classes, enabling truly integrated marketplaces, and is customizable to meet existing and future market demands.

Built from the ground up to support the global community of trading venues, TRADExpress Trading System supports a wide spectrum of market models and volume requirements, unlocking efficiency benefits and innovative cross-asset trading potential.

Key features

Extensive library of functionality for lit and dark trading, as well as different market models.
Support for all asset classes and instruments.
Plugins for system tailoring and functionality extensions enable short time-to-market for new products and services.
Sophisticated combination order book functionality fosters liquidity and supports complex trading strategies.
Resilient architecture with seamless failover between sites, with a proven track record of system availability.
Scalable system to cater for changing market conditions and increasing volumes.
Standard protocol support, for example FIX, and lean high-speed API.
Consistent speed, and low door-to-door latency.

Based on the TRADExpress Platform

Cinnober's trading system is based on the TRADExpress Platform, which provides some of the world’s most demanding marketplaces with speed and resilience.

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