Irisium surveillance

The market surveillance solution Irisium offers a seamless path from the detection of market abuse to presentable evidence


Modern market surveillance

Irisium is a turnkey market surveillance system that provides customized, market-specific alerts, tailored reports, and integrated case management to make trade surveillance efficient and straightforward.
In addition to traditional market abuse scenarios, Irisium monitors high frequency trading, abusive trading patterns, and entity relationships in order to meet the complex demands of your modern trading environment.



Key features

A structured look at high-level market overviews and order book views that detail every single order and trade.
Real-time market monitoring and replays of specific past events for investigation.
Ability to add external sources of information to create consolidated order books and price comparisons on multiple marketplaces.
Simple parameterization of alerts in the graphical user interface. The system comes with an extensive set of alerts and users can easily modify alert rule parameters using drop-down menus.
Users of the system can easily test how an alert would function in a real-life situation using historical data, which is useful when designing, fine-tuning and back-testing alert rules.
Integrated issue handling for efficient investigation of each raised alert.
Powerful reporting engine for reports scheduled on the server or in the production environment. Reports are easy to design in the user interface.
Customizable reports for other functions and departments within the trading venue, e.g. statistics and data for business analysis and development.

part of cinnober group

 Irisium is a subsidiary of Cinnober.