Index Engine

Flexible index engine for real-time index calculation and distribution


A real-time index calculator

TRADExpress™ Index Engine enables trading venues to create and distribute real-time financial indices. The service can be operated on its own or together with the TRADExpress Trading System matching engine for faster index calculations. The index engine's innovative plug-in architecture enables the rapid development, test and launch of new indices.

Key features

Capacity to calculate indices in real time and deliver updates within microseconds of new events.
Plugin library that is easily extended with new or modified index types and corporate actions for agile product development.
Support for financial industry standards such as FIX.
Scalable system to cater for changing market conditions and increasing volumes.

Based on the TRADExpress platform

Cinnober's index engine is based on the TRADExpress Platform, which provides some of the world’s most demanding marketplaces with speed and resilience. 

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