TRADExpress for

Cryptocurrency exchanges

A high-performance trading and post-trade solution for demanding cryptocurrency exchanges

proven exchange technology for digital ASSET trading

With TRADExpress™ for cryptocurrency exchanges, we offer digital asset marketplaces a complete, robust solution, based on proven technology that is used by some of the most demanding financial marketplaces around the world. With 100% uptime, our solution provides the stability and scalability to handle increasing market volumes and requirements from institutional investors as well as regulators.

With support for any cryptocurrency, this is a powerful and functionality-rich platform for competitive and agile exchanges. Its multi-asset architecture enables truly integrated exchanges, unlocking the possibility to extend business beyond digital assets. The system is customizable to meet new market and regulatory demands, as well as specific demand from customers. 

Through Irisium we provide a market surveillance solution to prevent, detect and manage the risk of market manipulation.



Cinnober is collaborating with BitGo to provide an end-to-end secure, institutional-grade digital asset exchange solution. BitGo’s wallets and custodial services allow clients to store and transfer digital assets using industry standards for security and financial privacy. The solutions include security key management, multi-signature setups, setting of procedures and client-driven policies to ensure assets are held in a highly secure environment.



Key features

Experience and know-how with tier one exchanges and cryptocurrency exchanges, world-wide coverage.
Millions of trades per second, history and traceability of trades and balances.
Able to support different asset classes: possibility to extend business beyond cryptocurrencies.
Pre-trade funding & risk controls, price bands and circuit breakers.
Irisium provides market surveillance to exchanges, customers include Bitfinex. 
Advanced combination order book functionality to increase liquidity and support complex trading strategies.
World-leading vendor of post-trade clearing solutions – in production at APEX, B3, JPX, LME Clear, and more. 
Customizable to meet new market and regulatory demands.
Collaboration with BitGo, market leader in institutional-grade cryptocurrency security

Based on the TRADExpress Platform

Cinnober's trading system is based on the TRADExpress Platform that provides some of the world’s most demanding marketplaces with speed and resilience.



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