A letter from the CEO

By Peter K. Lenardos - 2018.09.04


First, thank you for interest in Cinnober! As I begin my tenure as Cinnober’s Group CEO (I was appointed CEO on 13 August, previously I served as Cinnober’s CFO), I would like to thank our employees, customers, shareholders and other key stakeholders for their support as we begin a new chapter in Cinnober’s history. I am honored to be CEO of Cinnober, a company that is the only independent provider of world-class trading and clearing technology to marketplaces and clearinghouses globally.

2017 was a year of new product development and investment. We had the opportunity to use our proven technology to expand our customer base by taking advantage of regulatory changes and much needed modernization. Our focus in 2018 is on new product launches and operational restructuring, which we believe will position us for growth and profitability in 2019 and onwards.

As our transition to a more diversified group with a larger customer base continues, our core business is stable, Simplitium (our business unit focused on reporting and transparency) has momentum, Minium (our business unit focused on real-time post-trade risk and clearing technology) is progressing in line with our expectations, and we have a strong position in the market surveillance market.

My focus as CEO remains on ensuring we continue to provide leading, world-class trading and real-time clearing technology to market infrastructure groups globally, and develop strong technology-based partnerships to power the world’s financial markets.

On behalf of the over 300 employees of Cinnober, I thank you again for your interest, and I encourage you to contact us for any reason.


Peter K. Lenardos was appointed Group Chief Executive Officer on August 13. Prior to that, he served as Cinnober’s Group Chief Financial Officer since June this year, and as Senior Financial Advisor to Cinnober since April this year. Mr. Lenardos is based in Cinnober’s Stockholm and London offices.

Prior to his employment at Cinnober, Mr. Lenardos was a Managing Director in the Royal Bank of Canada’s (RBC) London office. At RBC, he established the global market infrastructure and European diversified financials franchises and developed strong C-suite relationships across the market infrastructure and asset management sectors.

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