Price discovery for listed and OTC derivatives


 Cinnober supplies ICE with Cscreen, a price discovery tool for listed and OTC derivatives.

The pre-trade price discovery tool provides customers with a more efficient way of disseminating prices for wholesale equity derivatives by reducing the administration involved in inter-dealer brokerage.

For more than 10 years, Cscreen has played a key role in improving price transparency across global derivatives markets. Today, Cscreen is used by over 80 brokers and 130 banks/ and market makers.

For brokers, the standardized format simplifies order entry while allowing them to easily track and modify orders. For traders, the standardized format provides a more accurate representation of price across listed and OTC equity derivatives, which enables them to more easily identify opportunities and make more informed trading decisions. In addition to helping clients improve price transparency in the vanilla equities market, Cscreen also handles exotic strategies on single and multiple underlyings.





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