TRADExpress Trading System

TRADExpress Trading System

TRADExpress Trading System

Low-latency, high-throughput trading engine proven in demanding marketplaces.

TRADExpress Trading System is a multi-asset trading engine suitable for demanding, high-volume trading venues. While accommodating unparalleled flexibility and functionality it still delivers exceptional throughput capacity and low latency.

The system architecture allows for rapid implementation of customer-unique adaptations which ensures short time-to-market for your business ideas. Scalability is a key design factor and capacity can smoothly be increased through reconfiguration, allowing for partitioning in several dimensions.

The instrument structure is fully flexible which means that practically any instruments and asset classes can be traded in the system, also enabling combination order books and strategy orders.

Some key features:

  • High-performance trading system that is well proven and ready for immediate deployment
  • Long track record of operational stability
  • Quick and easy specification of trading rules
  • Full redundancy and fault tolerance
  • Easy integration with other systems
  • Support of standard protocols, such as FIX

TRADExpress Trading System is based on our TRADExpress Platform which provides the infrastructural components needed for mission-critical transaction solutions.