TRADExpress Platform

Includes all the infrastructural components needed for true mission-critical transaction solutions

Versatility by default

All Cinnober solutions are based on our TRADExpress™ Platform, built to cater the needs of high-transaction marketplaces with extreme performance demands.

TRADExpress is based on Java. It has a fully redundant and scalable architecture and runs with a wide choice of hardware, operating systems and databases for ease of integration.

Providing a robust infrastructural base, it enables high-content, customized solutions to be delivered with short time-to-market. We have a proven track record of successful deliveries for our customers that are always on time and within budget. 

How we leverage our assets and knowledge

TRADExpress Platform enables us to rapidly respond to new opportunities in the market – because we built in adaptability to different needs right from the beginning. This lets us consider each customer’s needs and market environment and accommodate them in our solutions.

And our solid business understanding allows us to create product offerings that target tomorrow’s needs.

All of our offerings have a layered design with TRADExpress Platform as the base. The business logic of each specific product is added on top of the platform layer.

Over and above the business logic functionality, we also offer customizations, as this is often a desirable part of a complete solution. This means that we can support and develop your unique business model and thereby further strengthen your competitive edge.

It also means that you can rapidly introduce new products, adapting to any changes in the market, and that demands from your customers can quickly be met.

This architecture reduces delivery time, project costs and the overall risk in delivery projects.

TRADExpress Platform powers some of the most important marketplaces in the world today. This means that we are out there every day, gaining more knowledge, experience and value in its ongoing development.