TRADExpress Information Manager

TRADExpress Information Manager

TRADExpress Information Manager

Enables trading venues to offer a high-speed, easily accessible, and diversified market data service

Simplify client access

Let your clients access all your market data through a single, harmonized feed instead of connecting to several data sources using different protocols.

TRADExpress Information Manager consolidates data flows from several markets and trading platforms (for equities, derivatives, bonds, etc.), index calculation systems and other data sources. All data is then distributed through one feed.

With one harmonized flow of market data, you can seamlessly add new products and data flows or migrate and upgrade underlying systems—with minimal or no impact on data subscribers.

Offer a diversified service

In addition to distributing your entire market data flow to data vendors, you can offer enriched data and segment your service to suit different client needs in endless combinations of:

  • Instruments: The client can choose exactly which equities, options, bonds, etc. to subscribe to.
  • Data levels: Depth of order book and level of trade detail.
  • Delay classes: Real-time updates or different delay periods.

A low-latency, high performance solution

TRADExpress Information Manager is based on the fully scalable low-latency, high-performance TRADExpress Platform, which allows you to swiftly adapt the system as data volumes increase, without time-consuming code changes or new system releases.

TRADExpress Information Manager offers standardized connectivity solutions through FIX and a high-performance native API used by many global data vendors and connectivity providers. You also have the possibility to create remote hubs in places where you wish to have a local presence in order to save clients’ bandwidth.