TRADExpress Event System

TRADExpress Event System

TRADExpress Event System

High-performance trading engine for betting and financial event derivatives.

TRADExpress Event System is a flexible high performance application with two versions:

  • Financial event derivatives, such as binary options and range futures
  • Betting

The system brings the highest financial industry standards for reliability, scalability and flexibility also into these markets. It is suitable for gaming operators such as betting exchanges and bookmakers as well as financial marketplaces.

TRADExpress Event System is based on TRADExpress Platform, underlying all of our offerings to the financial industry. The system offers a wide array of business functionality connected to betting and financial event derivative trading. Its modular design allows for customer specific configurations and branding, which is an integral part of the delivery process. Additional functionality, markets and instruments can easily be implemented, enabling short time-to-market for new products and services.

Market operators can choose to set up TRADExpress Event System in different market modes for various instruments. Either as a single dealer market, as a bookmaker‘s betting system, or as an exchange where users place orders on both sides of the book (back/lay, bid/ask) to establish a fair market. Such market structures can be established on a market-by-market basis and be run simultaneously for the same event.

The system includes a real-time risk model that displays current exposure. The risk calculation algorithm enables netting over selections within the same market, on an order-by-order basis.

It includes a model for automatic as well as manual management of events and results and is configurable for live betting in parallel with Ante Post betting.

All trading and administrative processes are carried out in one system. The graphic user interface comes in two versions: a thin web client for end users and a thick client for administration.