Solutions for banks and brokers

Cinnober offers multi-asset solutions for banks and brokers that enable efficient set-up of execution services, help safeguard market integrity and ensure complete compliance with regulations, trading rules and internal policies.

As an independent supplier of financial technology, Cinnober does not operate any markets on its own behalf. Our independence from existing venues is our strength and allows us to provide our services as a trusted partner to support our customers’ immediate business needs and long term goals without any conflict of interest. Our customers’ markets are always our top priority as our success is dependent on the successful operation of their markets. 

Cinnober’s technology and services are platform-agnostic for ease of integration and we have a proven track record of successful deliveries for our customers that have always been on time and within budget. 

Our bank and broker solutions are:

Managed market - TESS Connect & Go

A fully managed and operated trading system that enables banks and brokers to set up a regulatory compliant market — for systematic internalization, an MTF or a SEF — within weeks, based on state-of-the-art marketplace technology. More...

TRADExpress Client Clearing

A real-time system that enables banks and brokers to manage an integrated client clearing service within a single system — across all geographic markets and all asset classes — for OTC as well as listed instruments. More...

Boat Services

Boat Services Ltd is a Cinnober company offering easily accessible services that ease regulatory compliance for investment firms, MTFs and SIs. Learn more at