Solutions for banks and brokers

In a time when trading firms, investment banks and brokerages are facing unprecedented regulatory uncertainty, the need for modern and flexible technology solutions is greater than ever. Legacy IT infrastructures, and inefficient, costly operations are unsustainable. Today, being able to flexibly develop and transform service offerings in an increasingly complex regulatory framework is vital.

Cinnober offers bank and broker service solutions that offer simplicity, operational excellence and efficiency. 

Client clearing

Based on our revolutionary real-time CCP solution that already offers massive margin savings for clients of some of the world’s leading clearinghouses, Cinnober has developed a real-time, multi-market solution for clearing firms. TRADExpress Client Clearing enables banks to operate highly efficient client clearing services within a single system — across geographic markets, CCPs and asset classes — for OTC as well as listed instruments. More...

Boat Services

Boat Services Ltd is a Cinnober company helping financial services firms ensure regulatory compliance and operate efficiently with easily accessible services based on state of the art technology. Boat’s services include comprehensive OTC trade reporting and data services, as well as sophisticated trade surveillance, crossing and portfolio risk management. Learn more at