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21 Nov 2013 News alert LME Clear has now officially announced the selection of The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC), an approved trade repository, as its strategic partner for the new LME reporting service, LMEwire. The service, powered by LME Clear and delivered by Cinnober, will be available by 12 February 2014, the confirmed start date for the reporting obligation for all asset classes, as set out by the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR).
19 Nov 2013 News alert Cinnober Middle East customer expands into new segment
12 Nov 2013 News alert In our third and last video from our interview, industry expert Patrick L Young comments on the latest mergers and what merger activities will look like into the future.
08 Nov 2013 News alert Watch Cinnober’s Michael Grecoff, Head of Sales for Market Surveillance Systems, talk to FIA’s Emma Davey about SEF surveillance needs, regulators’ market integrity reporting and the outlook for the market landscape in the next few years.
24 Oct 2013 News alert Since the company acquired Japanese Nomura’s development company in 2012, the need for a larger office has become more prominent. A rental contract has now been signed with the Baltic Group and, during the first half of 2014, moving boxes will start being shipped to the new, centrally-located city mall, Utopia.
11 Oct 2013 News alert In the second video from our in-depth interview with the industry expert Patrick L Young, Patrick shares his view on the many recent glitches and how these have affected the industry.
09 Oct 2013 Press release Swap-trading marketplace Javelin — which recently received provisional regulatory approval to operate as a swap execution facility (SEF) — has strengthened its trading platform with the integration of Scila Surveillance from independent technology supplier Cinnober.
07 Oct 2013 News alert Where will we be in five years and how will the exchange industry be affected?
03 Oct 2013 News alert MarkitSERV Credit Centre — based on Cinnober technology — winner of “Most Innovative New Data Product/Service”
01 Oct 2013 Press release Cinnober, a leading supplier to exchanges and clearinghouses, continues to expand in Northern Sweden. Today, Jonas Engman, 35, becomes the new CEO of Cinnober North in Umeå. This change in management forms part of the company’s long-term strategy and means that Nils-Robert Persson, who has held the principal responsibility for establishing operations in Umeå, can now focus on his regular role as Chairman of the Board.
01 Oct 2013 Press release Cinnober, global leverantör av finansiell teknologi, fortsätter att expandera i Västerbotten. Idag tillträder Jonas Engman, 35 år, som ny vd för Cinnober North i Umeå. Ledningsskiftet är en del av bolagets långsiktiga strategi och innebär att Nils-Robert Persson, som hittills haft huvudansvaret för etableringen i Umeå, nu kan koncentrera sig på sin ordinarie roll som styrelseordförande.
30 Sep 2013 News alert Cinnober-powered Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange (DGCX) receives FOW awards for Best Technology Innovation by an Exchange and Emerging Exchange of the Year
04 Sep 2013 Press release Cinnobers första trainee-kull har i dagarna påbörjat det ettåriga programmet i Umeå. Den nyinstiftade utbildningen cinCube, med inriktning på finansiell IT, har väckt stort intresse och lockat många kvalificerade sökande.
04 Sep 2013 Press release Cinnober’s first-ever group of trainees has just begun a one-year program in Umeå, Sweden. The newly created cinCube program, specializing in financial IT, has attracted enormous interest and many highly qualified applicants.
03 Sep 2013 News alert Cinnober är huvudsponsor när Sveriges vassaste utvecklare inom kort möts för att göra upp om titlarna i programmerings-SM. Tävlingen är också en del av nordiska mästerskapen och öppen för alla.
03 Sep 2013 News alert Cinnober is the main sponsor when Sweden's sharpest developers compete in the Swedish Programming Championships. The competition is part of the Nordic championships and is open to all.
02 Sep 2013 News alert For the second consecutive year, Cinnober’s CEO Veronica Augustsson is included in Financial News’ “40 Under 40 Rising Stars of Trading and Technology” list.
30 Aug 2013 Event The Broad Canvas of Revolution – Trade Markets from Phoenicia… To Infinity and Beyond
23 Aug 2013 News alert Numerous outages and glitches erode confidence in markets
04 Jul 2013 News alert Trading at the London Metal Exchange (LME) reached record levels in June, up 28% on June 2012, taking volumes in the first half of the year to a new high.
20 Jun 2013 News alert The Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange (DGCX) began a partnership with Cinnober in the summer of 2012, with the clear mission to develop an advanced technology platform.
17 Jun 2013 News alert The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) is strengthening its market position in Asia, having recently passed the Singaporean Exchange with about a 35% higher trading volume. This is an impressive pole-position regarding volumes, and the bourse is now aiming to do the same for market capitalization as well.
23 May 2013 Press release Major investment in trainee program in Umeå
23 May 2013 Press release Storsatsar på trainee-program i Umeå
21 May 2013 Event Cinnober is the proud sponsor of the 20th annual European Clearing and Settlement conference at the Royal Horseguards in London and we’re offering a 20% discount when you register. If you book by May 24, 2013 you’ll be able to save a further £100.
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