Cinteg powered by Ancoa


Offers market operators a seamless route from the detection of market abuse to presentable evidence.

Cinteg™ is a turnkey surveillance system with key strengths in short implementation time, low cost of ownership and excellent usability.

Market-specific and custom alerts, tailored reports and integrated case management help make trade surveillance in a complex trading world efficient and straightforward. To meet the demands from the modern trading environment, Cinteg not only monitors for traditional scenarios, but also for high frequency trading, abusive trading patterns and entity relationships.

Cinteg stands out with its modern, open and flexible technology which brings many benefits to its users, including:

  • A structured way to view the market with external reference prices, allowing you to:
    - See high-level market overviews as well as order book views that detail every single order and trade.
    - Monitor the market in real time or replay and investigate market events from a specific time in the past.
    - Add external sources of information in order to create consolidated order books, compare prices on multiple marketplaces, etc.
  • Easy parameterization of alerts in the GUI: The system comes with an extensive set of alerts and the users can easily modify alert rule parameters in the GUI using drop-down menus. 
  • User-ability to back-test alerts: The users of the system can easily test how an alert would function in a real-life situation using historical data, useful when designing, fine-tuning and testing alert rules.
  • Integrated issue handling that facilitates efficient investigation of each raised alert.
  • Customized and ad hoc reports: The system’s reporting engine is a powerful tool to create reports either scheduled on the server or in the production environment. The user can easily design the reports to its liking and also adapt the report information in the GUI. 
  • Reports can also be customized to support other functions and departments within the trading venue, for example presenting statistics and data to be used as the basis for business analysis and development.
  • A high-performance and full-featured search engine for instant access to available data.
  • Cost-efficient and easy to deploy and maintain.

In addition to Cinnober’s suite of trading technology, Cinteg can be connected to any trading platform  on the market.