Cinnober Managed Services

Cinnober managed services - frees you to focus on your core business

Frees you to focus on your core business

All Cinnober system solutions can be ordered as hosted and fully managed by Cinnober’s experienced service organization. This allows you to focus on what’s really important; your core business, while acquiring expertise in technical infrastructure and IT services at a fixed cost.  

Our service organization specializes in managing and supporting mission-critical, sophisticated financial transactions solutions. By assuming full responsibility for applications, infrastructure, firmware and operations, we can simplify your situation while guaranteeing the highest level of performance, availability and reliability. 

In addition to delivering market leading technology and securing a smooth launch and ongoing flawless operation, we provide a flexible path for post-launch developments in an ever-changing environment.

While some of our customers have firmly established system operation organizations and IT departments, others are already fully burdened or have a very lean organization. Therefore, all our systems can be ordered as fully managed solutions including system dimensioning, acquisition of hardware and network components, installation and hosting, management of infrastructure and hardware, and system operations including monitoring, surveillance, backup, system reports and issue management.

The Cinnober service desk is open 24/7, and every customer is backed up by a dedicated technical account manager and a technical team with access to Cinnober’s development resources. 

As an independent supplier of financial technology, Cinnober does not operate any markets on its own behalf. Our independence from existing venues is our strength and allows us to provide our services as a trusted partner to support our customers’ immediate business needs and long term goals without any conflict of interest. Our customers’ markets are always our top priority as our success is dependent on the successful operation of their markets. 

Cinnober Managed Services 

  • System dimensioning, acquisition of hardware and network components, installation, operations, monitoring and change management
  • Extensive SLA and KPI reporting
  • Solutions are hosted in ISO-certified data centers 
  • Wide choice of locations globally
  • 24x7 support