Cinnober goes TransRockies

Training for ultra conditions




Map – live trackingEvent information

Result (position)

Blue line – runners routeStage 1: start 17:00 CET, 33.6 km,4:32:28 (12)
Cinnober logo – team Schmidt’s last tracking pointStage 2: start 16:30 CET, 21.4 km3:37:42 (12)
Yellow spot – checkpoint along the track>Stage 3: start 16:00 CET, 38.9 km5:23:46 (13) 

Green spot – stage start

Stage 4: start 16:00 CET, 22.7 km3:46:14 (12)

Red spot – stage end

Stage 5: start 16:30 CET, 38 km6:36:54 (12)
 Stage 6: start 16:00 CET, 30,9 km6:45:46 (13)
 Total 185 km, 6278 meter elevation gain

30:42:54 (12)

Call us crazy, but we like getting ready for extreme situations. It’s part of life. One proof of this is Sebastian Schmidt, a hosting specialist in Cinnober’s Stockholm office. In mid-August he will participate in a little event called the TransRockies Run. Set in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado in the USA, Sebastian and his father will run grueling high-altitude stages ranging from 14 to 24 miles (22-38 km) a day. Every day, for six days, for a total of 115 miles (184 km) in all. 

Cinnober is naturally sponsoring Sebastian in this event. Because we know that this is good training for what we have to do every day. The same kind of passion and engagement is required for the extreme conditions we encounter daily in financial marketplaces. Whether they demand speed, endurance or handling the unexpected.

It’s all about teamwork, too. Sebastian and his father have to stick together during this race. If one of them arrives more than two minutes after the other at one of the control points, they will be given a 60-minute time penalty. Competition is fierce, as the winners share a $20,000 pot. 

While this is Sebastian’s first ultramarathon, Team Schmidt is not completely unprepared. Sebastian’s father Fredrik is an athletic powerhouse, involved with cross-country skiing, running, mountain bikes, inlines, biathlons, triathlons, multisport…and ultramarathons.

To find out more about the event, look at Oh, and did we mention that you can expect any kind of weather in the Colorado Rockies in mid-August… from hot sun to deep snow? You just have to be prepared for anything… including rapid changes. But that’s second nature to anyone at Cinnober. 

Follow also the event on our Facebook page and on Sebastian's Twitter account and read more about Sebastian's preparations for the Ultra race.